Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From THE STAR: Goths on march to prove they’re not evil...

A peaceful march in Sheffield, England to promote non-violence against those of the Goth culture and lifestyle:

Published on Tuesday 6 September 2011 11:06

GOTHS in Sheffield staged a peaceful march through Sheffield city centre to raise awareness of the prejudice they say they face.

The demonstrators showed their colours as they made their way from Devonshire Green through Fargate to the cathedral, and back via the Peace Gardens.

Their aim was to dispel stereotypes and highlight the abuse and discrimination suffered by people who dress differently.
Organiser and mother-of-two Alicia Philpotts said: “The march was called The Celebration of Diversity as that’s what we’re all about.

“In this day and age, where people are treated equally, it is a shame that this has to be done.

“It’s amazing how a little bit of education and direction can help in so many ways.

“Sometimes people just don’t know what we are about, but a few simple words and love shared amongst human beings has seen us slowly but surely eradicate hatred and misunderstanding.”

The group marched in honour of punk musician Peter Williamson, who died from swine flu after allegedly being refused NHS treatment in Salford after medics assumed he was a drug addict and ignored his pleas for help, his distraught mother claims.

The march, on Saturday, also honoured Lucy Emmingham, from Sheffield, who was attacked on her wedding day and ended up in hospital.

Pink-haired goth Lucy, 21, was pushed down a flight of concrete steps and knocked unconscious as she and her new husband left their wedding reception on Queens Road shortly after midnight on Halloween in 2009.

Alicia said: “We just feel that maybe it’s our job to step forward and show the world we’re not evil. We don’t love Satan and sacrifice people’s children, we’re just flamboyant and a little different to the norm.”

Source: www.thestar.co.uk

See the video:
Goths on march to prove they’re not evil - VIDEO - News - The Star

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  1. I could see the headline "All Goths taught Karate - attacks cease as bad outcome for attackers now universal."