Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gothic Gathering: N.Y.C. Medieval Faire

We're so excited about this! This Sunday (10/2/11), New Goth City will be hosting the second annual Medieval Faire Gothic Gathering at Ft. Tryon (as in: "Hey! Try on this corset!) park, all the way at the tippy-top of Manhattan island. Starting at 2pm (or sooner for you early-bats) we will converge and make camp at the only fork in the main road of the park...conveniently located near the only beer and mead vendors. Everyone is free to come and go and roam around as they please, but the constant headquarters will be held at this location. I actually petitioned the N.Y.C. Parks Commission to allow us a legit booth and space for this year's faire, but they stated that we weren't "historical" enough. No big deal...we'll just gather on our own accord and scare the mead out of people!

But if it is anything like the blast we had last year, be prepared to become part of the entertainment and attraction! I kid you not, when I say that last year's gathering felt as though we were all back in high school drinking beer, smoking cigarettes (be warned: smoking cigarettes in city parks is now prohibited) and being goofy behind the cafeteria! At one point we even had an auxiliary police detail assigned to us...we still are not sure if it was to protect us from the crowd, or protect the crowd from us! All in all we were perceived to be the evil & dark side of the Medieval times...Morgana's minions, as it were. Good times!!!

If you do decide to join our debaucherous group, also be prepared to have the mundane folk wanting to take pictures of you...especially if you are dressed up extra fantastical (which you should be!!!!), and even get a request for an interview from a television news crew or two (if so, please be a dear and mention!).

Also, the official Gothic Gathering after-party will be held at Dark Bar (200 Orchard Street) which starts right when the faire ends at 6pm. Just take the A train all the way down to West 4th Street and transfer downstairs to the F train and exit at the 2nd Avenue/L.E.S. station. For complete Dark Bar info, click here.

For full directions and details for the Medieval Faire, click here to see the New Goth City official listing.

On last note: This is supposed to be a very fun event as well as being a very safe one! There are to be NO altercations of any kind! If for any reason you feel that you are being made fun of, taunted, or even bullied, simply return to the Gathering location to find safety in numbers, find a police officer (they will be everywhere), or if you feel so inclined to do so, leave the park entirely and safely. Do not...I repeat: DO NOT CONFRONT ANYONE!!! This type of thing has never happened in the past, so do not worry about it, however, I do not wish to see a "first time for anything" scenario play out here. Are we clear? If any doubts, questions, or problems arise, at the very least come find me!

I truly hope to see a lot of you there (especially since it will be bizarre to see you in daylight hours!) for a great turnout. Once again, this event is really a lot of fun and we always have a great time! It's also a perfect way to celebrate the approaching Autumn season (temperatures should be in the mid to upper 50's). HUZZAH!!!!

Gothing Gathering: Medieval Faire 2010

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