Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trailer: Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe sheds the Harry Potter look and straight into what may very well be the next great Goth film! Scheduled to be released on Feburary 3rd, 2012. 

CNN.blogs Article - Where my Goths At?

A friend of mine saw this article online and forwarded it to me. It's of special interest to those of who consider themselves 'eldergoths.' Under the article be sure to read the comments -- some are kind and thoughtful responses, others are just..."WOW! People are fucking cruel when masked by online anonymity!!!"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashion War: Gothic Fashion of Vogue Italy vs Flair Magazine

Check out this article about fetured Gothic fashion on upcoming magazines, Flair and Vogue Italy, on the Fashion-O-lic here.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Skullzie's Review: The Red Party

Ever since New Goth City has been around (a mind-numbing 4 years this mid-September!), the Red Party has seen its share of ups and downs. What started at the Lower East Side's Orchard Bar, the Red Party saw it's beloved venue shut-down by the community board and the city who are trying to clean up the area by trying to rid it from the only businesses that stuck with the neighborhood when it was a filthy rat-hole known as Alphabet city! After that, the Red Party took some time off until finding a new venue...the second floor of Aces & Eights, located at nearby 1st Avenue, between 2nd & 3rd Streets. The new venue was actually quite nice, not to mention that the drink prices were probably the best in the city, and the quite glass-seperated lounge was very comfortable. But, alas, the venue was short lived, and the Red Party fell into oblivion once again! But don't you fret none, for like the majestic phoenix, arising from the ashes, the Red Party was resurrected once again at the newly re-opened Orchard Bar!
*cue applause and cheering sound f/x*

This party is the illegitimate and dirty bastard child of Djs Templar, Cyn, and Jarek who promote and bring forth the Red Party as a grassroots monthly Goth event which focuses mainly on the music rather than any pageantry. You come to the red Party to dance and bath in the music while enjoying the dark atmosphere and the company of like-minded friends, says me...not to be "seen" or bask in the throbbing glow of disco lights. This is Goth at its essence...relish in it...become one with it!!!
For those who have never been, here is what to expect: As you are about to enter the Orchard, located at 200 Orchard Street, you will be asked to show I.D....even for an old geezer like myself! You will enter and be greeted by the ever popular Mandana, who will serve as your door Goddess/Hostess and will promptly take your admission money with a wide smile in exchange for a hand-stamp. Then you will make the acquaintance of a rather long and narrow spaced bar that will serve as your liquid oasis. Try to stake a claim at the bar as soon as possible for it can get crowded very quickly if the dance floor isn't your preference.
Moving past the bar, you might be surprised to find a slight downhill slope that leads you to a small, yet intimate, seating area and the restrooms (Bonus tip: If the line at the main floor restrooms is too long from beer renters, turn 180 degrees around and find a door that leads to a stairwell to the basement...there are additional restrooms downstairs...just don't be too drunk and fall down the entire flight!). Beyond this area, to the left, is the backroom dance floor where the real magic happens!!!
Like any true, self-respecting Goth club event dance floor should be, it is devoid of flashy or obnoxious lighting, allowing the comfort of (slight) darkness to cover the dancing crowd like a welcome and protective shroud. This allows you to focus on the music, rather than a light you can 'punch the giant' or 'kick the smurf' to your dark heart's content! As far as the Dj's are involved here, I'm not going to go on an ass-kissin', ego-stroking, love fest! Djs Templar, Cyn, and Jarek are legendary in this scene and really bring their craft to this party...'nuff said. Their guest Djs, on the other hand, are all a bunch of scallywags that need a stern whipping to get their shit in order! Just kidding!!! Their set lists are always spot on! Moreover, landing a guest Dj spot at the Red Party is a great privilege and will be impressive on any Dj bio. And in that regards, the Red Party is unpretentious and prefers to leave any and all drama out of its realm...easier said than done, I will agree, but all in all, the denizens that amass here on a monthly basis are, in the good part, a core faction of the N.Y.C. Goth scene and good friends...sans clique!
Hopefully the Orchard venue won't suffer any more of the troubles it has gone through in the past, and the Red Party can remain there for a very long time to come! It should also be mentioned here that the Orchard is also the venue for Dj Templar's Dark Bar gathering on the First Sunday of every month (Note: in September the Dark Bar will exceptionally be on the 2nd Sunday. Visit for full details)...think of it as Red Party Light, without the dancing and the early hours of 6pm to Midnight...but more of that in a later post! For now go and experience the Red Party for yourself, if you aren't already a devoted follower!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jokes from the Dark Side

A professor at the University of Texas is starting a new class on the supernatural and paranormal activity. As he starts to give his lecture he wants to get a feel for his audience of about 120 students, he asks, "How many people here, by show of hands, believe in ghosts?" About 90 students raise their hands. "Well, that is certainly a good start," the professor states, "Out of those who believe in ghosts, how many of you think you have actually seen a ghost?" About 40 students raise their hands. "Wow," the professor reacts, "That's really good. I'm glad you are taking this seriously. has anyone touched a ghost?" 3 students raise their hands. "That's fantastic! Let me ask you one question further...Have any of you ever made love to a ghost?" Waaaaay in the back of the lecture hall one hand is seen raised; the hand belongs to this big redneck guy named Billy-Joe-Bob-Joe. The professor removes his glasses and says, "Son, in all of my years of teaching this course I have never encountered someone who has made love to a ghost...please come down and share with us all your amazing experience!" The big redneck student replied with a shrug and a grin and began to make his way to the front of the room. When he gets to the podium, the professor asks, "So, Billy-Joe-Bob-Joe...tell us what it was like to have a sexual encounter with a ghost!" Billy-Joe-Bob-Joe simply replies, "Ghosts? Aww heck! From way back therz I thought you sayd Goats!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey! You! Read This...

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See you in the Dark!
Sir William Welles

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skullzie's Review: Dark Water

Tuesdays aren't your typical Goth hang-out nights, especially in a hustling and bustling city such as ours where the vast majority of Gothlings in our community either have work or school the following *shudder* morning, but for those restless enough to venture out on a Tuesday night in search of some naughty good fun with a Tiki-Voodoo twist always find themselves at Otto's Shrunken Head for the ever popular event known as Dark Water Tuesdays!

The night is hosted by the renowned Father Vincent checking I.D.s and greeting everyone while an extremely eclectic mix of music, ranging from alternative 80's, Goth, and Post-Punk to Nuwave, Metal, and more is continuously spun by resident and guest Djs perched at the booth by the front door. Though Dark Water isn't actually a night club event, it is however more of a bar gathering. The general atmosphere is very friendly (and yes, some hipsters do wander in...but we leave them be), and even if you know absolutely no one in the place, soon enough you will!

For the extra adventurous, be sure to try one of their crazy tropical drinks that are almost a show and event in and of their own right. Another feature at Dark Water/Otto's that you should not pass up is the retro styled photo booth, located by the restrooms, that take fun black & white snapshots of you (and a friend) in exchange for a token, which you must purchase from the bar. Say cheese!

I will be the first to admit that as far as all of the Goth scene events go in this city, especially a weekly one, Dark Water is somewhat out there when it comes to it's exotic haunted Hawaiian style, due to the venue...but you know what? That's what makes it so damn fun!!! Moreover, if you can't make it there every week like their more loyal fans, you'll always have the comfort to know that it will always be there the next week...and the next week...and the next week...and the next week...

For more information, visit the Otto's Shrunken Head website!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Goth City's 4th Anniversary Party!!!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 4th (the night before Labor Day) for The Redrum Ball at R Bar to celebrate New Goth City's 4th year of Gothy deliciousness!!! There will be performances by The Cross Between and Ruby Valentine, go-go dancing by Amber Star, Djs Aengel, V-christ, Cyn, & Jeffo spin the aural ecstasy, and will be hosted by none other than New Goth City's very own Sir William Welles! Plus, Free Giveaways, Drink Specials and more!!!

To RSVP via Facebook, click here!

Hope to see you there!!!

Jokes from the Dark Side

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Announcing a very special New Goth City Gothic Gathering happening on Sunday, October 2nd at the NYC Medieval Faire in Fort Tryon park situated at the Northern tip of Manhattan. The event runs from 11:30am to 6pm, and all those wishing to meet up for the Gothic Gathering are to converge and set-up base camp at the fork in the road that creates the loop around the Cloisters, right by the beer vendors!!!

Last year our group had a great time as we became an attraction in our own right as we looked like the evil Medieval characters. We were scaring little kids and posing for really felt like we were all back in high-school, hanging out in the park and up to no good! This is also a very good way to meet new like-minded friends if you are new to the NYC Goth community or to the city itself.

Be sure to dress in your Gothy best as we will be representing the entire Goth scene, and don't forget to wear plenty of sunblock to ward off the evil rays of the bright shiny ball in the sky!!!

For more and all information, be sure to visit: or RSVP at the official Gothic Gathering Medieval Faire Facebook event page by clicking here! Hope to see you all there!


Monday, August 15, 2011

A little bit of LABYRINTH...

This is just a quick taste of the amazing night we had at Labyrinth on Friday, August 12th! Hope you can join us for the next one on 9/9/11!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Labyrinth 8/12

Tonight, New Goth City presents LABYRINTH at a new venue: MUG LOUNGE located at 448 East 13th Street at Avenue A, in Gothtown!!! Come by to celebrate Dj Bride of Wire's birthnight and dance the night away to Alternative 80's, electro, Nuwave, EBM, and synthpop music! Hosted by Sir William Welles and Dj. Rob S. and featuring the ever-talented Dj Subvert of Contempt fame!!! So be sure to join us tonight starting at 10:30pm! Free before 11pm or simply print out the pass below and present it at the door for reduced admission!!! New Goth City R.I.P. pin wears will receive reduced admission as well...just be sure to show it at our door goddess, Aimee!

See you tonight! (We have the fog machine all juiced up and ready to go!!!)


Welcome to the New Goth City blog!!! Here we will discuss events and issues pertaining to our beloved Goth culture and scene in NYC. We will also be reviving the "Skullzie review" of events and happenings as well as adding snarky comments and tips to help you enjoy this wonderfully dark culture of ours. Hope you will enjoy!

See you in the Dark!
Sir William Welles