Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tonight: 12/21

Tonight at Underworld: Blood on the Yule Balls, be sure to pick up reduced admission flyers for:
Labyrinth: Friday the 13th Ball II (1/13/12)
and Redrum Ball (1/15/12 & 2/19/12)!

See you all tonight!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sir William Welles' Official 40th Birthnight Party!!!!

Come one, come all to THE REDRUM BALL!

Episode IV: The Winter Of Our Discontent

Welcome back everyone! We have another special event jam packed with tons of goodies in store for you...

+Xris SMack!

Special live music performance by THE WITCHES IN BIKINIS!

Go Go dancing by Amber Star & special guests

Celebrating the birthdays of Sir William Welles & DJ Aengel!
There will be cake!

Tons of giveaways courtesy of NEW GOTH CITY!

2x1 drink specials 10-11

Ticket giveaways for STIMULATE

All this at the amazing R BAR!
208 Bowery btw Prince & Rivington

$10 with flyer/printout

*Proceeds will be donated to the family of our dearly departed Jeniviva. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

To RSVP via Facebook, click here!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Poem: The Exit Clause

It is with great regret
that I must inform you,
I quit,
I give up,
I resign,
from the career
of my life.

My desk has been cleaned out,
a wooden box holds my affairs;
trinkets of my history,
to be buried or burned…
whichever is more fitting.
Never to be remembered,
For my poor performance.

My supervisors,
my subordinates,
my peers, all agree,
I can be well replaced,
by the next in line.
One call to Human Resources,
I’m sure will yield plenty!

This corporate ladder
Has no more rungs for me.
Gone are the days
of upward mobility.
All that is left
is a spiraling decline…
my moral bankruptcy.

No need of severance pay…
I’ve no one to support,
I’ve nothing to maintain.
As you very well see,
there is no real reason
for me to hang on,
persist, or remain.

I did not meet my quota;
did not give a stellar presentation;
nor gain any appreciation.
Not a team player.
Not a go-getter.
And certainly not living up to
my full potential.

As I see myself out,
I’ll be sure to turn off the lights,
and to close the door behind me.
But most of all, don’t you worry
about the state of the company…
I am quite confident,
it will strive without me.

~Sir William Welles (12/6/11)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gothy LOL cats


Something cool to help against rape...

For anyone who has had their drinks spiked at a nightclub or a party, they know the horrible ordeal that can turn into. Luckily, two inventors in Israel are currently working a special drinking straw that can detect the two most common date rape drugs, ketamine and gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), and will turn a different color if it is dipped into a tainted drink. According to one of the inventors, a chemistry professor at the University of Tel Aviv by the name of Fernando Patolsky, the straw uses a tiny sample of your drink and mixes it with a testing solution, that causes a chemical reaction making the solution cloudy or colored, depending on the drug.

The unfortunate statistic is that one in six females will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. Hopefully this invention will help greatly reduce that number.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


If you are sorely confused as to where to be this Friday night...fret no more, I have your answer...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Witch in the Woods" Video Release Party


One week from tonight, on Tuesday, October 25th, join me at Webster Hall's Sports Bar for the video release of Tommy Brunett's "Witch in the Woods" music video. The $5.00 admission price will got to Charity Water (, and many surprises to unfold!!! 

See you in the Dark!
Sir William Welles

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tricks and Treats Halloween party!!!

THIS HALLOWEEN NIGHT! Join Victor Auton, Rob Station, and yours truly, for a naughty night of debaucherous fun at Sapony Night Club...comfortably away from the travel nightmare from lower Manhattan's parade! Visit for full details!

See you in the Dark!
Sir William Welles

Monday, October 10, 2011

Skullzie's Review: Witch in the Woods

Ok...not exactly a Goth club event review, but rather a music video review.

This newly released video is for a song called "The Witch in the Woods," created and executed by a certain Tommy Brunett. Now, at first, upon listening to the song by itself, you will start to think to yourself "Hey...waitaminute... this kinda sounds like the opening theme song to True Blood!" And you would be somewhat right...the style is very similar to Bad Things by Jace Everett, granted. However, this particular type of dark and gothy countryfied music is gaining some rather well deserved momentum as of late. It's dirty, gritty, and raw, while trying to distance itself from the sugary sweet more popular mainstream heartland music (à la Taylor Swift). your mind, as you look at this video, you will settle on the notion that what Jace Everett is to Vampires, Tommy Brunett is to Witches...and then just enjoy the ride (in a black Cadillac) from there.

The Art Director of this video, and also starring as the Witch, is none other than the ever-talented Tré, whom some of you may know while she was living and working in N.Y.C. a few years back. The art direction, through her eye, is spot-on here, even though she had to work with what has now become  the new cliché of moody and dark music videos: a woman, dressed in a cloak, wandering mysteriously or lost through the woods. But what else could you really do here? It's the title of the song! It's a Witch in the Woods! But see, that's where the creative craftsmanship really took my by surprise here...different elements and visuals all interplay to wean you away from the stereotypical imagery, especially at the song's midpoint where the tempo kicks it up a notch. Fire, candles, rose petals, crackled doll, guitar, car, more guitar, etc., are all expertly woven together and do, in fact, portray the simple story behind the lyrics.

Unlike the the opening credits to True Blood (which, let's face it, has become the official/unofficial "Bad Things" music video), Witch in the Woods isn't beating you over the head with an onslaught of jittery images. At certain points it does soften its pace and photography to allow you to experience the beauty behind it. Who wouldn't want to throw this witch in the back of a black Cadillac, drive to Memphis and let a dark love grow?

The black and white imagery is stark and angular, which in some weird way conjure up pictures of a young Johnny Cash and firearms in my mind. The softer, more sepia and earth-toned images are a welcomed contrast and lends itself to the intent of the direction, under Denver Miller, to juxtapose the serenity and independence of the witch against the frantic desire and impatience to posses her -- the wild bonfire being the desire, the black car representing speed and distance away from the woods she calls home. Meanwhile, the witch's fire comes in the form of tall and linear taper candles which she dangerously plays with, while the structure of rituals, symbols, and artifacts give her more depth and a lovely sense of mystery.

There is no reason why Witch in the Woods couldn't be turned perfectly into an opening theme song to a television series or even a feature length film in the future, but before then, the images and pathos captured in this video certainly paves the way to more commercial means. Color me very impressed, considering it was a low budget video...but don't take my (film student geek) word for it...see for yourself....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tonight, at precisely midnight, stop everything that you are doing and visit this site: and be witness to the world premiere music video "Witch in the Woods" by Tommy Brunett, and created by none other than our beloved Tré!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Official 13 days of Halloween Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          September 30, 2011


The New Goth City project, a New York City based multi-media and multi-outlet cultural endeavor created to promote, support, and sustain the Gothic culture and lifestyle, introduces a worldwide notion to revolutionize the concept of the Halloween holiday season, hereby known as the 13 days of Halloween. Launching this year, the 13 days of Halloween will span from Friday, October 21st, now named the “Day of Shadows,” and past the actual date of Halloween, through to the 2nd of November, also known as the “Day of the Dead.” These 13 days of the Halloween season represent a focused and defined period of time in which the Goth community, on a global scale, can celebrate their alternative and “offstream” lifestyle as well as promote tolerance and acceptance to those who hold prejudices and hostility against them or others who misguidedly believe the Goth culture is dangerous, evil, or some sort of depraved religious cult.

The 13 days of Halloween campaign is spearheaded by New Goth City’s creator, Sir William Welles, 39, who runs and maintains the informative website,, which is the only website of its kind that highlights any and every cultural event within the Gothic, industrial, vampire, and fetish community throughout the Tri-State area. Sir William boasts that by “determining and claiming a set number of days centered around what most dark natured and like-minded individuals consider their favorite holiday and time of year, we are able to properly celebrate openly and create, as well as adopt, some new and time honored traditions.”  Welles also adds that through the Internet and social media, this revamped concept of Halloween will soon reach beyond the United States and the U.K., where Halloween traditions are observed as a family activity, throughout the world wherever a Gothic individual may dwell and wish to find a connection with others who share the same ideals.

In the long run, the concept of the “13 days of Halloween” is to intermesh the established ideals of the mainstream culture with those of the offstream culture to which what is considered scary and/or spooky is celebrated, not demonized. Essentially, the Goth culture embraces and romanticizes all that is dark and macabre simply to find beauty within it, and in that respect, appreciate the life we are now living…this is what the 13 days of Halloween reflects and represents.

For more information and traditions established for the 13 days of Halloween, please visit Sir William Welles’ blog article via this link:

For any and all inquiries, please contact the New Goth City project directly via email: Mr. Welles is available for interviews.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gothic Gathering: N.Y.C. Medieval Faire

We're so excited about this! This Sunday (10/2/11), New Goth City will be hosting the second annual Medieval Faire Gothic Gathering at Ft. Tryon (as in: "Hey! Try on this corset!) park, all the way at the tippy-top of Manhattan island. Starting at 2pm (or sooner for you early-bats) we will converge and make camp at the only fork in the main road of the park...conveniently located near the only beer and mead vendors. Everyone is free to come and go and roam around as they please, but the constant headquarters will be held at this location. I actually petitioned the N.Y.C. Parks Commission to allow us a legit booth and space for this year's faire, but they stated that we weren't "historical" enough. No big deal...we'll just gather on our own accord and scare the mead out of people!

But if it is anything like the blast we had last year, be prepared to become part of the entertainment and attraction! I kid you not, when I say that last year's gathering felt as though we were all back in high school drinking beer, smoking cigarettes (be warned: smoking cigarettes in city parks is now prohibited) and being goofy behind the cafeteria! At one point we even had an auxiliary police detail assigned to us...we still are not sure if it was to protect us from the crowd, or protect the crowd from us! All in all we were perceived to be the evil & dark side of the Medieval times...Morgana's minions, as it were. Good times!!!

If you do decide to join our debaucherous group, also be prepared to have the mundane folk wanting to take pictures of you...especially if you are dressed up extra fantastical (which you should be!!!!), and even get a request for an interview from a television news crew or two (if so, please be a dear and mention!).

Also, the official Gothic Gathering after-party will be held at Dark Bar (200 Orchard Street) which starts right when the faire ends at 6pm. Just take the A train all the way down to West 4th Street and transfer downstairs to the F train and exit at the 2nd Avenue/L.E.S. station. For complete Dark Bar info, click here.

For full directions and details for the Medieval Faire, click here to see the New Goth City official listing.

On last note: This is supposed to be a very fun event as well as being a very safe one! There are to be NO altercations of any kind! If for any reason you feel that you are being made fun of, taunted, or even bullied, simply return to the Gathering location to find safety in numbers, find a police officer (they will be everywhere), or if you feel so inclined to do so, leave the park entirely and safely. Do not...I repeat: DO NOT CONFRONT ANYONE!!! This type of thing has never happened in the past, so do not worry about it, however, I do not wish to see a "first time for anything" scenario play out here. Are we clear? If any doubts, questions, or problems arise, at the very least come find me!

I truly hope to see a lot of you there (especially since it will be bizarre to see you in daylight hours!) for a great turnout. Once again, this event is really a lot of fun and we always have a great time! It's also a perfect way to celebrate the approaching Autumn season (temperatures should be in the mid to upper 50's). HUZZAH!!!!

Gothing Gathering: Medieval Faire 2010

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From THE STAR: Goths on march to prove they’re not evil...

A peaceful march in Sheffield, England to promote non-violence against those of the Goth culture and lifestyle:

Published on Tuesday 6 September 2011 11:06

GOTHS in Sheffield staged a peaceful march through Sheffield city centre to raise awareness of the prejudice they say they face.

The demonstrators showed their colours as they made their way from Devonshire Green through Fargate to the cathedral, and back via the Peace Gardens.

Their aim was to dispel stereotypes and highlight the abuse and discrimination suffered by people who dress differently.
Organiser and mother-of-two Alicia Philpotts said: “The march was called The Celebration of Diversity as that’s what we’re all about.

“In this day and age, where people are treated equally, it is a shame that this has to be done.

“It’s amazing how a little bit of education and direction can help in so many ways.

“Sometimes people just don’t know what we are about, but a few simple words and love shared amongst human beings has seen us slowly but surely eradicate hatred and misunderstanding.”

The group marched in honour of punk musician Peter Williamson, who died from swine flu after allegedly being refused NHS treatment in Salford after medics assumed he was a drug addict and ignored his pleas for help, his distraught mother claims.

The march, on Saturday, also honoured Lucy Emmingham, from Sheffield, who was attacked on her wedding day and ended up in hospital.

Pink-haired goth Lucy, 21, was pushed down a flight of concrete steps and knocked unconscious as she and her new husband left their wedding reception on Queens Road shortly after midnight on Halloween in 2009.

Alicia said: “We just feel that maybe it’s our job to step forward and show the world we’re not evil. We don’t love Satan and sacrifice people’s children, we’re just flamboyant and a little different to the norm.”


See the video:
Goths on march to prove they’re not evil - VIDEO - News - The Star

Monday, September 19, 2011

Jokes from the Dark Side

The passengers on a plane are waiting for their flight to takeoff when two men, both wearing dark glasses, dressed in pilot uniforms, walk up the aisle toward the cockpit. One man is being led by a seeing-eye dog and the other is tapping away with his cane.

Nervous laughter spreads throughout the cabin as the men go by and into the cockpit, close the door and start the engines.

The passengers are all looking around for some sign that this is some sort of practical joke, but there isn't any. As the plane moves faster and faster down the runway, the passengers at the window seats realize that they are heading straight for the water at the edge of the airport at the end of the runway. As it looks as if the airplane will never take off and will crash into the water, panic-stricken screams fills the cabin. But just at that moment, the plane suddenly lifts smoothly into the air.

In the cockpit, the co-pilot turns to the pilot and says, "You know, Bob, one of these days, they're gonna scream too late, and we're all gonna die!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Article: The 13 Days of Halloween

For the death of me I never did understand the whole concept of the 12 days of Xmas while growing up -- especially when it came to turtle doves, maids-a-milkin', French hens, and the rest of the lot! At least the 8 days of Hanukkah were explained to me...miracle oil that lasted 8 days (they really are obsessed with oil in the Middle East), but I thought they were talking about oil for their salad dressing! Was Xmas trying to "one-up" Hanukkah with 4 extra days? Moreover, as a young Gothling at heart, I always pondered why my favorite holiday, Halloween, only deserved one day...and a day that didn't get me out of school!!!

So, over the years, as an advocate of Goth culture and the special season we all love and call our own, I would like to introduce to you, and at the same time, solidify the tradition of the 13 days of Halloween! *cue dramatic music here*

The 13 days of Halloween span from October 21st, also known henceforth as the "Day of Shadows," all the way past the actual day of Halloween, and ends atypically on the 2nd day in November, the "Day of the Dead." Within these 13 spooktacular (I really, really hate that pun!) days, I'd like to encourage every and all Goths, young and old, throughout the world, to partake in certain traditions and customs that are either borrowed, new, or have withstood the test of time!

O.k., first let us identify and name for certain every significant day within the 13 days of Halloween:
  • 1st day - October 21st: Day of Shadows
  • Other nights: filler (make up your own!)
  • 10th day - October 30th: Devil's Night
  • 11th day - October 31st: Halloween (duh!)
  • 12th day - November 1st: All Souls' Day
  • 13th day - November 2nd: Day of the Dead.

So, with that determined let's explore some new and established traditions you can observe and partake in:
  • Decorations: I would encourage that decorating your dwellings for Halloween should happen as a personal or family event during the first few days of the 13 days. However, knowing you Gothlings the way I do, I'm sure that you have either eagerly decorated by the 1st of October or, like me, have your batcave Halloweenified all year round!
  • Gift-giving: Why should giving gifts to friends and loved ones be confined to Xmas, birthdays, and anniversaries? Get into the habit of giving small, yet meaningful Halloween themed gifts or treats to special friends and lovers. Also, if you are the lone Goth in a family that may or may not understand your dark lifestyle, be extra sure to get them a small and cute trinket to wish them a happy Halloween. This will demonstrate to them that this holiday is important to you and that you want to have them involved within your world, if only goes for a little while! The same goes for giving...
  • Halloween greeting cards: Much like giving gifts, get into the habit of sending fun and clever Halloween cards to friends and loved ones. Can't find a card to suit your dark taste, or they are just plain silly? Then create your own! On the same note, while sending ecards online might seem neat-o-rific (nerd terminology) and convenient, there is nothing like receiving a physical card though the mail. I actually have a collection of cards that friends have sent me over the years on permanent display perched upon my kitchen's shutter styled doors! Also, stock up on cards a few days after the big'll be prepared for next year and you'll save a bundle of cash from the sales!
  • Morbid pranks: Halloween is the perfect time to let loose your devilish prankster side onto the world. Quite simply: scare the candy corn out of people...just be sure to make it fun, and above all keep it safe! Also, if you are able to dole out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, take the opportunity to come up with very frightful ways to greet them at the door -- oh the stories I could tell! I once made a cocky teenager jump back in horror, fall to the ground and run away screaming while his friends all laughed at him!
  • Costumes and anti-costumes: While most mainstream drones ponder endlessly what "they will be for Halloween," Goths have many options before them. On the one hand, you could be like most people and have one general costume, but with so many parties and events to attend to during the 13 days of Halloween, this soon becomes highly repetitive and eventually boring. Try to have at least 2 alternative costumes that you can rotate on any given night to change it up a little. Also, there is what I call the "anti-costume." This is when a Goth, who dresses like it is Halloween all year round, will dress up like a common Day-Crawler character for the occasion. Think: cheerleader, nerd, an athlete of any sport, or the most horrific costume of them all...a corporate businessman/woman or banker! *EEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!* The third option we Goths have for Halloween dress-up is to go as we normally would on any given day and bask in the comfort of not being labeled a "freak!" if for only a few days!
  • No Work: Even though Halloween isn't recognized as a national or religious holiday, and the banks are open, and you will get mail, it doesn't mean you can’t schedule, far in advance, one or two days off to fall on October 31st and/or November 1st (to cure that hangover). If you get much resistance from your boss, just tell him/her that for you it’s a religion holiday you need to observe…hey, it works for Jewish people!
  • The Day of the Dead Feast: On the last day of the 13 days of Halloween, on November 2nd, amass a selected group of like-minded friends and organize a dinner party at your (or your friend's/family's) dwelling, or simply go out to a favorite restaurant to enjoy an indulgent meal while showing praise and remembrance to those who no longer walk the Earth. Be sure to make a toast to the dead and to give thanks to the life you are living. Think of it like a Gothy version of Thanksgiving!
  • Horror Movie Marathon: Over the course of the 13 days of Halloween make your eyes bleed by spending your free time watching cult classic horror movies at home or in movie theaters. In larger towns art-house cinemas usually have an array of campy fun horror movies they play around this time of year at a very reasonable price. And checking out a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening wouldn't be a bad idea either!
  • Haunted Houses: Elaborate walk-through haunted houses are becoming more and more popular and prevalent as well as being dynamic interactive productions in their own right. Try to visit one or all in your area, and be prepared to laugh the fears away...or crap in your pants...whichever happens first! For us Goths haunted houses are pure adrenaline filled fun! (Warning!!! Ticket prices to some of the more elaborate haunted house can really soar into high digits. If you are short on funds you should probably spend the cash on more long-lasting and meaningful Halloween purposes!)
  • Pumpkin Carving: Nothing beats stabbing and carving up a huge gourd (although Celts originally used turnips) into something fun and expressive!!!'s better than dunking hard boiled eggs into food coloring with a wire spoon! For some really amazing carved pumpkin ideas be sure to visit You will laugh your ass off at some of the examples they have listed there!!!
  • Black Wreath: Let your neighbors know that you are Goth and that you are proud! Purchase or make your own dark and spooky wreath to hang over your front door and show your holiday spirit! Admittedly, this does fall under the "Decorations" category mentioned at the top of this list, and while I hate to admit it, for amazing decoration ideas and instruction go and visit Martha Stewart's (*facepalm of shame*) Halloween section at Goth help us all...
  • Pilgrimage to Whitby, U.K.: While Muslims make the lifelong effort to take a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lives, so should Goths embark on a similar journey to the Bi-annual Whitby festival, especially for the Halloween edition. For those who don't know, Whitby is the chilly seaside town in which Bram Stoker's Dracula story was mainly based. The weekend long festival is simply a huge gathering of beautifully dark and crative Goths from around the globe! The incredible Gothic atmosphere is perfect, and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking! Go, at least once, even if it is your last trip on Earth! For more and all information, visit the Whitby Goth Weekend's new website at:
  • Graveyard Stroll: There is almost nothing as soothing to a Goth than to take a quiet stroll through cemetery during the crisp and haunting 13 days of Halloween! Either by yourself, with friends, or with a loved one, take the time to meander through the fields of tombstones while enjoying the comforting crunching sound of dead leaves under your footsteps. It is also a great moment to appreciate the life you have instead of celebrating Halloween six feet under!
  • Halloween Countdown: On Devil's night (October 30th), if you are out at an event, be sure to countdown and ring in Halloween night at precisely midnight, much like on New Year's Eve. Raise a glass of your favorite poison and toast with your friends this very special Gothic day!
No matter which traditions and rituals you choose to follow, adopt, or observe throughout the 13 days of Halloween, be sure to understand the true meaning of this Gothiest of Holidays: Embrace and find beauty in everything that is dark and spooky, for true evil often times come in very pretty and sugar coated packages!


New Goth City's 4th Year Anniversary

I am proud to announce that today, Tuesday, September 13th marks the 4th year anniversary of New Goth City!!! A lot has changed since it's debut, events have come, and some events have gone. Unfortunately the state of the economy in the N.Y.C. area, and the country as a whole, has really put a strain on the nightlife Goth scene forcing many of the community to move away from the area or to only go out to one party per month as opposed to crawling out of their caves on a weekly basis.

Last year we were also witness to the demise of the Don Hill's night club venue, and soon after the passing of Don Hill himself. He will be greatly missed no matter if you thought his venue was or was not suited to our scene. He was a great friend of mine and he confided in me one night that out of all the events that passed through his doors he preferred our crowd because "you Goths drink, dance, and don't fight!" R.I.P. my dear friend.

On the same note, within the past year it seems that the selection and variety of the venues have become scarce...this has forced many event promoters to think outside of the (black) box and become creative in finding new places, while others hunker down with what they have and hope for the best.

A note to the promoters, big and small: lately I've been discussing with you about promotions, marketing, and listening to your situations, and I have noticed that everyone (myself included) have come to rely too heavily on social networks to promote your events and brand to the masses. Sure, it reaches a wide audience in the blink of an eye and, more importantly, it's pretty much free. However, I urge you to reclaim some of the tried and true promotional tactics of yore to really drive your event across to your core audience. You are, alas, going to have to do some footwork...keeping an eye on your Facebook event page's RSVP count just isn't going to cut it, those numbers mean squat! ...just a bit of advice.

The Halloween season is fast upon us this month and I strongly urge you all to take advantage of the "13 days of Halloween" (more about that in the next blog post), and encourage some people that are outside of the Goth scene (read: curious Day-Crawlers) to take a glimpse into your world by maybe dragging them to a party or two...they'll be in costume anyway, right?

Also for Halloween, I also want to officially announce that New Goth City will be involved with a special Goth club event on Halloween night ('s a Monday) presented by the joining forces behind the Berlin and Labyrinth nights . This event is called "Tricks and Treats" and will be held at the very accessible Sapony nightclub in Astoria, Queens. It's looking like it's shaping up to be a really fun Goth night with plenty of naughtiness! Hope you all can make it and celebrate Halloween night with us.

In closing, I just want to state that if it weren't for all of you wonderful Gothlings New Goth City would not serve any purpose. Four years ago when I started the website, it was to solidify a widely dispersed faction of people who do not live in plain sight. And apart from some minor squabbles and rifts here and there, I believe that we have achieved that...but I am not taking the credit for that, the credit goes to all of you that support the Goth scene...I am merely the information booth.

See you in the Dark!
Sir William Welles 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trailer: Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe sheds the Harry Potter look and straight into what may very well be the next great Goth film! Scheduled to be released on Feburary 3rd, 2012. 

CNN.blogs Article - Where my Goths At?

A friend of mine saw this article online and forwarded it to me. It's of special interest to those of who consider themselves 'eldergoths.' Under the article be sure to read the comments -- some are kind and thoughtful responses, others are just..."WOW! People are fucking cruel when masked by online anonymity!!!"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashion War: Gothic Fashion of Vogue Italy vs Flair Magazine

Check out this article about fetured Gothic fashion on upcoming magazines, Flair and Vogue Italy, on the Fashion-O-lic here.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Skullzie's Review: The Red Party

Ever since New Goth City has been around (a mind-numbing 4 years this mid-September!), the Red Party has seen its share of ups and downs. What started at the Lower East Side's Orchard Bar, the Red Party saw it's beloved venue shut-down by the community board and the city who are trying to clean up the area by trying to rid it from the only businesses that stuck with the neighborhood when it was a filthy rat-hole known as Alphabet city! After that, the Red Party took some time off until finding a new venue...the second floor of Aces & Eights, located at nearby 1st Avenue, between 2nd & 3rd Streets. The new venue was actually quite nice, not to mention that the drink prices were probably the best in the city, and the quite glass-seperated lounge was very comfortable. But, alas, the venue was short lived, and the Red Party fell into oblivion once again! But don't you fret none, for like the majestic phoenix, arising from the ashes, the Red Party was resurrected once again at the newly re-opened Orchard Bar!
*cue applause and cheering sound f/x*

This party is the illegitimate and dirty bastard child of Djs Templar, Cyn, and Jarek who promote and bring forth the Red Party as a grassroots monthly Goth event which focuses mainly on the music rather than any pageantry. You come to the red Party to dance and bath in the music while enjoying the dark atmosphere and the company of like-minded friends, says me...not to be "seen" or bask in the throbbing glow of disco lights. This is Goth at its essence...relish in it...become one with it!!!
For those who have never been, here is what to expect: As you are about to enter the Orchard, located at 200 Orchard Street, you will be asked to show I.D....even for an old geezer like myself! You will enter and be greeted by the ever popular Mandana, who will serve as your door Goddess/Hostess and will promptly take your admission money with a wide smile in exchange for a hand-stamp. Then you will make the acquaintance of a rather long and narrow spaced bar that will serve as your liquid oasis. Try to stake a claim at the bar as soon as possible for it can get crowded very quickly if the dance floor isn't your preference.
Moving past the bar, you might be surprised to find a slight downhill slope that leads you to a small, yet intimate, seating area and the restrooms (Bonus tip: If the line at the main floor restrooms is too long from beer renters, turn 180 degrees around and find a door that leads to a stairwell to the basement...there are additional restrooms downstairs...just don't be too drunk and fall down the entire flight!). Beyond this area, to the left, is the backroom dance floor where the real magic happens!!!
Like any true, self-respecting Goth club event dance floor should be, it is devoid of flashy or obnoxious lighting, allowing the comfort of (slight) darkness to cover the dancing crowd like a welcome and protective shroud. This allows you to focus on the music, rather than a light you can 'punch the giant' or 'kick the smurf' to your dark heart's content! As far as the Dj's are involved here, I'm not going to go on an ass-kissin', ego-stroking, love fest! Djs Templar, Cyn, and Jarek are legendary in this scene and really bring their craft to this party...'nuff said. Their guest Djs, on the other hand, are all a bunch of scallywags that need a stern whipping to get their shit in order! Just kidding!!! Their set lists are always spot on! Moreover, landing a guest Dj spot at the Red Party is a great privilege and will be impressive on any Dj bio. And in that regards, the Red Party is unpretentious and prefers to leave any and all drama out of its realm...easier said than done, I will agree, but all in all, the denizens that amass here on a monthly basis are, in the good part, a core faction of the N.Y.C. Goth scene and good friends...sans clique!
Hopefully the Orchard venue won't suffer any more of the troubles it has gone through in the past, and the Red Party can remain there for a very long time to come! It should also be mentioned here that the Orchard is also the venue for Dj Templar's Dark Bar gathering on the First Sunday of every month (Note: in September the Dark Bar will exceptionally be on the 2nd Sunday. Visit for full details)...think of it as Red Party Light, without the dancing and the early hours of 6pm to Midnight...but more of that in a later post! For now go and experience the Red Party for yourself, if you aren't already a devoted follower!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jokes from the Dark Side

A professor at the University of Texas is starting a new class on the supernatural and paranormal activity. As he starts to give his lecture he wants to get a feel for his audience of about 120 students, he asks, "How many people here, by show of hands, believe in ghosts?" About 90 students raise their hands. "Well, that is certainly a good start," the professor states, "Out of those who believe in ghosts, how many of you think you have actually seen a ghost?" About 40 students raise their hands. "Wow," the professor reacts, "That's really good. I'm glad you are taking this seriously. has anyone touched a ghost?" 3 students raise their hands. "That's fantastic! Let me ask you one question further...Have any of you ever made love to a ghost?" Waaaaay in the back of the lecture hall one hand is seen raised; the hand belongs to this big redneck guy named Billy-Joe-Bob-Joe. The professor removes his glasses and says, "Son, in all of my years of teaching this course I have never encountered someone who has made love to a ghost...please come down and share with us all your amazing experience!" The big redneck student replied with a shrug and a grin and began to make his way to the front of the room. When he gets to the podium, the professor asks, "So, Billy-Joe-Bob-Joe...tell us what it was like to have a sexual encounter with a ghost!" Billy-Joe-Bob-Joe simply replies, "Ghosts? Aww heck! From way back therz I thought you sayd Goats!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey! You! Read This...

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See you in the Dark!
Sir William Welles

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skullzie's Review: Dark Water

Tuesdays aren't your typical Goth hang-out nights, especially in a hustling and bustling city such as ours where the vast majority of Gothlings in our community either have work or school the following *shudder* morning, but for those restless enough to venture out on a Tuesday night in search of some naughty good fun with a Tiki-Voodoo twist always find themselves at Otto's Shrunken Head for the ever popular event known as Dark Water Tuesdays!

The night is hosted by the renowned Father Vincent checking I.D.s and greeting everyone while an extremely eclectic mix of music, ranging from alternative 80's, Goth, and Post-Punk to Nuwave, Metal, and more is continuously spun by resident and guest Djs perched at the booth by the front door. Though Dark Water isn't actually a night club event, it is however more of a bar gathering. The general atmosphere is very friendly (and yes, some hipsters do wander in...but we leave them be), and even if you know absolutely no one in the place, soon enough you will!

For the extra adventurous, be sure to try one of their crazy tropical drinks that are almost a show and event in and of their own right. Another feature at Dark Water/Otto's that you should not pass up is the retro styled photo booth, located by the restrooms, that take fun black & white snapshots of you (and a friend) in exchange for a token, which you must purchase from the bar. Say cheese!

I will be the first to admit that as far as all of the Goth scene events go in this city, especially a weekly one, Dark Water is somewhat out there when it comes to it's exotic haunted Hawaiian style, due to the venue...but you know what? That's what makes it so damn fun!!! Moreover, if you can't make it there every week like their more loyal fans, you'll always have the comfort to know that it will always be there the next week...and the next week...and the next week...and the next week...

For more information, visit the Otto's Shrunken Head website!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Goth City's 4th Anniversary Party!!!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 4th (the night before Labor Day) for The Redrum Ball at R Bar to celebrate New Goth City's 4th year of Gothy deliciousness!!! There will be performances by The Cross Between and Ruby Valentine, go-go dancing by Amber Star, Djs Aengel, V-christ, Cyn, & Jeffo spin the aural ecstasy, and will be hosted by none other than New Goth City's very own Sir William Welles! Plus, Free Giveaways, Drink Specials and more!!!

To RSVP via Facebook, click here!

Hope to see you there!!!

Jokes from the Dark Side

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Announcing a very special New Goth City Gothic Gathering happening on Sunday, October 2nd at the NYC Medieval Faire in Fort Tryon park situated at the Northern tip of Manhattan. The event runs from 11:30am to 6pm, and all those wishing to meet up for the Gothic Gathering are to converge and set-up base camp at the fork in the road that creates the loop around the Cloisters, right by the beer vendors!!!

Last year our group had a great time as we became an attraction in our own right as we looked like the evil Medieval characters. We were scaring little kids and posing for really felt like we were all back in high-school, hanging out in the park and up to no good! This is also a very good way to meet new like-minded friends if you are new to the NYC Goth community or to the city itself.

Be sure to dress in your Gothy best as we will be representing the entire Goth scene, and don't forget to wear plenty of sunblock to ward off the evil rays of the bright shiny ball in the sky!!!

For more and all information, be sure to visit: or RSVP at the official Gothic Gathering Medieval Faire Facebook event page by clicking here! Hope to see you all there!


Monday, August 15, 2011

A little bit of LABYRINTH...

This is just a quick taste of the amazing night we had at Labyrinth on Friday, August 12th! Hope you can join us for the next one on 9/9/11!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Labyrinth 8/12

Tonight, New Goth City presents LABYRINTH at a new venue: MUG LOUNGE located at 448 East 13th Street at Avenue A, in Gothtown!!! Come by to celebrate Dj Bride of Wire's birthnight and dance the night away to Alternative 80's, electro, Nuwave, EBM, and synthpop music! Hosted by Sir William Welles and Dj. Rob S. and featuring the ever-talented Dj Subvert of Contempt fame!!! So be sure to join us tonight starting at 10:30pm! Free before 11pm or simply print out the pass below and present it at the door for reduced admission!!! New Goth City R.I.P. pin wears will receive reduced admission as well...just be sure to show it at our door goddess, Aimee!

See you tonight! (We have the fog machine all juiced up and ready to go!!!)


Welcome to the New Goth City blog!!! Here we will discuss events and issues pertaining to our beloved Goth culture and scene in NYC. We will also be reviving the "Skullzie review" of events and happenings as well as adding snarky comments and tips to help you enjoy this wonderfully dark culture of ours. Hope you will enjoy!

See you in the Dark!
Sir William Welles