Friday, September 30, 2011

Official 13 days of Halloween Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          September 30, 2011


The New Goth City project, a New York City based multi-media and multi-outlet cultural endeavor created to promote, support, and sustain the Gothic culture and lifestyle, introduces a worldwide notion to revolutionize the concept of the Halloween holiday season, hereby known as the 13 days of Halloween. Launching this year, the 13 days of Halloween will span from Friday, October 21st, now named the “Day of Shadows,” and past the actual date of Halloween, through to the 2nd of November, also known as the “Day of the Dead.” These 13 days of the Halloween season represent a focused and defined period of time in which the Goth community, on a global scale, can celebrate their alternative and “offstream” lifestyle as well as promote tolerance and acceptance to those who hold prejudices and hostility against them or others who misguidedly believe the Goth culture is dangerous, evil, or some sort of depraved religious cult.

The 13 days of Halloween campaign is spearheaded by New Goth City’s creator, Sir William Welles, 39, who runs and maintains the informative website,, which is the only website of its kind that highlights any and every cultural event within the Gothic, industrial, vampire, and fetish community throughout the Tri-State area. Sir William boasts that by “determining and claiming a set number of days centered around what most dark natured and like-minded individuals consider their favorite holiday and time of year, we are able to properly celebrate openly and create, as well as adopt, some new and time honored traditions.”  Welles also adds that through the Internet and social media, this revamped concept of Halloween will soon reach beyond the United States and the U.K., where Halloween traditions are observed as a family activity, throughout the world wherever a Gothic individual may dwell and wish to find a connection with others who share the same ideals.

In the long run, the concept of the “13 days of Halloween” is to intermesh the established ideals of the mainstream culture with those of the offstream culture to which what is considered scary and/or spooky is celebrated, not demonized. Essentially, the Goth culture embraces and romanticizes all that is dark and macabre simply to find beauty within it, and in that respect, appreciate the life we are now living…this is what the 13 days of Halloween reflects and represents.

For more information and traditions established for the 13 days of Halloween, please visit Sir William Welles’ blog article via this link:

For any and all inquiries, please contact the New Goth City project directly via email: Mr. Welles is available for interviews.

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  1. This is great! I hope it spreads south of the border. :)