Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skullzie's Review: Dark Water

Tuesdays aren't your typical Goth hang-out nights, especially in a hustling and bustling city such as ours where the vast majority of Gothlings in our community either have work or school the following *shudder* morning, but for those restless enough to venture out on a Tuesday night in search of some naughty good fun with a Tiki-Voodoo twist always find themselves at Otto's Shrunken Head for the ever popular event known as Dark Water Tuesdays!

The night is hosted by the renowned Father Vincent checking I.D.s and greeting everyone while an extremely eclectic mix of music, ranging from alternative 80's, Goth, and Post-Punk to Nuwave, Metal, and more is continuously spun by resident and guest Djs perched at the booth by the front door. Though Dark Water isn't actually a night club event, it is however more of a bar gathering. The general atmosphere is very friendly (and yes, some hipsters do wander in...but we leave them be), and even if you know absolutely no one in the place, soon enough you will!

For the extra adventurous, be sure to try one of their crazy tropical drinks that are almost a show and event in and of their own right. Another feature at Dark Water/Otto's that you should not pass up is the retro styled photo booth, located by the restrooms, that take fun black & white snapshots of you (and a friend) in exchange for a token, which you must purchase from the bar. Say cheese!

I will be the first to admit that as far as all of the Goth scene events go in this city, especially a weekly one, Dark Water is somewhat out there when it comes to it's exotic haunted Hawaiian style, due to the venue...but you know what? That's what makes it so damn fun!!! Moreover, if you can't make it there every week like their more loyal fans, you'll always have the comfort to know that it will always be there the next week...and the next week...and the next week...and the next week...

For more information, visit the Otto's Shrunken Head website!

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